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Press Releases and SEO

Press Releases and SEO

The first step you want to take when you're optimizing a press release for SEO and get better found in the search engines, is to have a focus. Focus on a phrase that you want to be searched and found on.

press releases SEO
Press Releases to improve your SEO
For example you are a Shoe Vendor looking to get more information out about your new canvas shoe style, you would focus on a phrase like “Canvas Shoe Styles” in a press release.

Focusing on your phrase early and often

When optimizing a press release to get better found in the search engines, use your focused phrase, early and often. Early and often is a, kind of thrown around SEO term. You'll hear that a lot if you go to SEO, conferences.
Its really, is true. You know, you need to use a phrase, high up on a web page. Often becomes its own HTML webpage on, an organizations website. So, that phrase, having it early, which would be in the title and if not the title, the subhead which is the, the, italicized section under the title.

Gives that phrase, a little more playing power for search engine optimization.So early just means higher up in the release. Often just means using it through out the release. There's a phrase in marketing tell 'em, tell 'em, what you told 'em and tell 'em one more time. So when you have that focus phrase, like "Canvas Shoe Styles”. It can be woven into the title, or the subhead or both, and it can also be woven in, throughout the body of the content.

Another step in optimizing your press release to get better searched and found is to include links in your overall strategy. Search engines are looking for three main things when they're pulling up sites and giving them relevancy. They're looking for architecture, which is essentially the code of a website. They're also looking for content, which could be the content on a web page, a press release or a blog post. And they're also looking for linking. And so many folks think that linking is just from other websites linking into a website.

But let's say you're uploading a press release to your own website, you can have a phrase link to another specific page of your website. Like learn more about press releases for SEO at Klick Twice Technologies, Inc.  Just highlight that phrase in the press release and link it to the other page on your website.

Internal linking is not only good for visibility it gives the search engines a little more algorithmic content to feed on but it also boosts usability. Meaning the user experience so let's say someone is generally is interested in learning more about the phrase that your linking to, they can click and instantly go to another page.

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