Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Website Content Optimization

Website Content Optimization.

Website content optimization is the process of improving the quality and relevancy of your site's content. We'll discuss a number of things about how both users and search engines interpret what makes good content. But first, let's go through an examples of how you and I, as human beings, might read a piece of content and figure out what it's all about. Let's take a look at the example of “Canvas Shoe Design”. Let's pretend that someone gave us a one- page document, and they told us that the document was about canvas shoe design.

We read some text describing some shoe styles , we see some pictures of shoes and people modeling the shoes, and we read about how to maintain your shoes, etc…

website content optimization
Website Content Optimization 
Now this might be about canvas shoe design, but reading the document, it's not very clear. You put the page down and you're probably disappointed. Even if the exact phrase "canvas shoe design" was used in the text here and there, the narrative was all over the place, and there's really no central theme to focus on. Both people and search engines expect clarity and quality from your web pages.

They want to know without any hesitation what your content is all about. Even more importantly, they want content they can trust. If I ask you to find me a resource on canvas shoe design, and you come back with a piece of paper with a few mentions of the term and some text that's loosely related to shoes and design, I'm not going to ask you next time. Or if I do, I'm not going to trust you quite as much. On the other hand, if you give me content that's truly remarkable, discussing how to canvas shoe are made and realted information with images and design ideas, descriptions of colors and how they wear that you might need to hear, I'm going to come back to you with more questions in the future, and I'm going to trust your answers.

In the online world, when people find content that they like, they share it. Search engines can see a lot of this sharing, and they view it as a sign of trust, and they'll reward you with more search engine visibility. When we think about website content optimization, keep in mind that we're optimizing your content so that it benefits both users and search engines, and we're focusing on both themes and building trust.

Steve Steinberger

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