Monday, July 28, 2014

Building external links

External links

 How do I get links pointing back to my site when I don't have control over other websites out there? The good news is that links come in different forms and can be generated from different tactics. 

Building External Links
Building External Links
A very common way of generating links is to submit your website or business to different web directories. But keep in mind that you are going to want to be extremely selective about the directories you submit to.

There are lots of spamming directories out there and there are very few that are actually trustworthy. A good guideline to follow is whether or not the directory conducts some form of editorial process that reviews each link and only accepts relevant and trusted websites themselves. If a directory is willing to publish any link without any review it's probably not a reliable directory.

If you have industry specific directories and listing services that are trusted and unique to your market, those are good places to go next. Another way of building links is to encourage other websites to link to your content. The key factor here is that you need to have quality content that people are willing to link to. In a search engine's perfect world, someone reads a piece of content and says, wow, that is so great that I have to link to it. Sometimes great content attracts links naturally as a result of people discovering it and sharing it around.

There are other times when you may have to do a little outreach to get people to discover your content. Leveraging your social connections to share content that you have posted. Try to find other websites that you feel have the same audience. For example, there may be a professor at a university that's doing research in your field and publishes their own blog about topics that are very relevant to yours. Reaching out to that professor and letting them know that you have content that their own readers would find interesting and useful might just earn you a very relevant and very trustworthy link.

It is crucial to gain links from social media sharing. People are social beings and very eager to share content we find interesting with our friends and colleagues. To search engines, this is a signal that tells them what content people actually like and what real people are actually interested in. So use those sharing buttons on your content pages and use your own social influence on the networks you participate in to get links to your content out there and passed around.

Don't trade links with perfect strangers that have absolutely no relevance to your business or your content and don't put yourself on listings or directories that exist solely to get you more links.

As long as your link building tactics keep those key elements in mind, you'll always have an opportunity to build new quality links. 

Steve Steinberger

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