Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Its 4th and 20 from 21 yard line

The fear of website analytics

Its 4th and 20 from the opposing team’s 21 yard line. There are 3 seconds to go in the game and you are down by 2. If you weren’t paying attention to the analytics (the game clock, the down, yard line) you might try and run for the touchdown when the analytics say just kick the field goal.   

Regardless of whether you are an ecommerce, lead generation, publisher or any other type of site, website analytics are built to satisfy each one of these business types.

Website Analytics
It comes down to two options: are you doing analytics? Or are you reporting information? If you are an analytics focused business and is part of your integrated marketing plan then what you have is an insight into the business. Insights as to what you can do to improve your website and improve the calls to action that you're asking users to take.

Insights lead to action. You have things that you know you can improve right away because the data backs up the assumption. You can make comparisons. You can make comparisons among different segments of people, between two pages, between two offers. And you can ultimately make judgments on those comparisons.

If you're not focusing on analytics with specific goals then what you're doing is focusing on reporting. As a result it gets repetitive and there's no clear action. There's no clear purpose to what you're trying accomplish. Many people have a fear of analytics because they are not sure what the potential is. The potential is having an idea of where and what marketing channels are returning the best ROI.

How do you know if your marketing is effective? How do you know if your search engine optimization program is profitable? Value answers the big questions. Because value helps you understand how you can make your search engine optimization your social media, your pay per click, your email or your display campaigns profitable. Analytics can tell you what is working and why. The data backs up the assumptions and gives you a clearer path to make ongoing business decisions.

Steve Steinberger

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